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Built to help your organization accelerate  digital  transformation by integrating collaboration and training


Our Mission

is to empower healthcare teams

We believe teamwork unlocks extraordinary results. We help healthcare organizations overcome their biggest challenges by helping their teams train, work and collaborate better.


Work Smarter

Our platform makes it easy for your team to create smart, multimedia knowledge flows led by your internal experts, helping them tap into the intelligence gained from past projects and applying it to new goals.

We enable continuous feedback loops so your team can measure the impact of training on project's success and identify crucial knowledge gaps.


Supercharge your team

The volume and speed of data in the healthcare industry have changed how teamwork is done.

Teams have to collaborate across a wide range of expertise from clinical and technical fields, and access insights and expertise rapidly and effectively to successfully deploy digitally-enabled care.

Empiricalab helps your team harness collaboration and relevant training to take digital transformation to the next level.

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Extraordinary experts are within your organization

Spend less time searching for information and more time having it impact your goals

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