EmpiricaLab enables teams to access multimedia programs curated and designed by industry experts to make it easier to onboard, learn, and improve productivity.  

Level up your learning



Taking Your Team Learning Experience

to the Next Level

Work-Integrated Learning Curriculum

Multimedia content curated by industry leaders and experts to transform how organizations and learners embark in, and capture their learning.


Team-Optimized and Customization

We bring clarity to team-relevant learning multi-media resources, surface areas of opportunity for growth, and enable customization. 

We help you ensure the resources and time spent on learning and training translates into impact.

Learning Analytics

Meaningful analytics to assess and keep track of the impact on proficiency and skill-building at the team and individual level.



Finding what to learn shouldn't be this hard

“ I like to learn, but dislike having to find which courses to take and what do they all add up to”


We Are Passionate About Lifelong Learning

EmpiricaLab was created with the conviction that behind the most impactful products and services we have today, there are relentless teams pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and continuously at the frontier of knowledge in their fields.


Despite the vast amount of available resources for learning and training, and the investments by employers and individuals, identifying what to learn and navigating the multitude of certifications, micro-licenses and credentials remain time-consuming and expensive. 

We believe that learning through a work-integrated learning curriculum can transform how organizations and individuals embark in, and capture their learning.

That is why we surface diverse media curated by industry experts, and specifically designed to be relevant to individuals and teams.

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